Understanding the Importance of Solid Form Screening in Drug Development

Solid form screening

Solid state properties of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) are a critical attribute of any drug product and significantly impact the drug’s efficacy, safety, and stability. The selection, development and scaling-up of a solid-state form with desirable properties is therefore critical for the success of drug development programs.

This webinar highlights the significance of solid form in drug substance development. The webinar features a case study that demonstrates the importance of solid form screening and optimization to identify the most stable form of a drug substance. Following this, we discuss the crystallization process development, focusing on improving particle properties and purity. The webinar also discusses considerations around scale-up, drying methodology, and other unit-operations such as wet-milling and their impact on particle properties.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Understand importance of solid form in API development
  • Learn how to analyze and interpret appropriate data
  • Highlight how multi-site collaboration and knowledge transfer results in a superior product