Wiesbaden, Germany

Rheingaustrasse 190-196
65203 Wiesbaden,

Tel: +49 (611) 962 4639
Fax: +49 (611) 962 4634

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Consisting of nine employees, our specialist team in Wiesbaden has strong expertise in enzyme screening and developed more than 800 proprietary enzymes of different classes. For easy implementation of biocatalytic conversion, our customers are provided with fully optimized processes and all technical support required.

Through efficient and environmentally friendly enzymatic syntheses, we can manufacture highly pure regio-, chemo-, and enantioselective intermediates and APIs for our customers in a cost-efficient way.

Problematic chemicals, such as CN waste, can be degraded to harmless compounds.

Facility Details

  • 1000 strains (yeast, bacteria, fungi, algae)
  • In-house cultivation, screening, cloning, and gene discovery
  • In-house lab scale enzyme production 
  • Multi-ton scale enzyme production with external partners